Mobile sandblasting professionals
& airless spray painting specialists

EPA Approved Abrasives
We have the capabilities for abrasive blasting and industrial painting to most paint specifications with QA testing provided.
Protecting components from corrosion we can do specialised valves, motor pumps, tandem housings, thimble mill cover and much more.

In abrasive blasting, compressed air is used to propel abrasive yet non-damaging materials from a blast pot across surfaces. Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is effective in cleaning bricks, steel, cement and concrete, removing built-up rust and paint. It can also be used to restore cabinets, garden furniture, security doors, screens and frames, vehicle parts (cars, motorbikes, and bicycles) to original condition.


Vic Blast & Coat is a fully mobile service, conducting a range of onsite restoration works across these industries and more – mining, farming, earthmoving, quarries, trucks and large vehicles. We reach out to domestic clients as well as commercial businesses, small to large, through to industrial sites. If you have any questions or see something that isn’t listed here, please call us for a discussion. As although these are our primary services our capabilities are not limited to those listed here. We also offer obligation-free quotes so you can conduct your research without pressure.

Vic Blast & Coat have a large workshop for truck resprays.

Professional workshop and experienced spray painters, Vic Blast and Coat , are your one stop shop for all your truck and transport painting, respray, graphics and repair needs.

Spray painting specialist

Using specialised spray guns to apply paint to a range of surfaces, objects and structures, our spray painting services can be applied across domestic, commercial and industrial projects including:
Medium to large vehicles such as semi-trailers, trailers of various kinds, horse floats, house boats and trucks.
Swimming pools.
Expansive work platforms and tanks (especially in the petroleum and mining industries).
Various metals including steel, glass and wood.
Any companies that require spray painting jobs for a multitude of purposes.

Protective coatings

To ensure your newly abrasive-blasted or sandblasted surface or equipment remains in good condition we suggest applying a protective coating. Our range of coatings utilise varied and complex combinations of chemicals, so get advice from us about which coating is suitable for your needs.

No job too big or small. Vic Blast and Coat for all your sand blasting and spray painting needs


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